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Dr. Steffen Ulbrich

” You never get a second chance to make a first impression – a charming smile, healthy and beautiful teeth are your essence ”

Dr. Ulbrich graduated in 1989 from Medical Academy ,,Carl Gustav Carus” in Dresden, he’s a Swiss dentist for more than 30 years with competence in functional  and aesthetic dentistry.

His main concern is to contribute to the general health stability of patients with the possibilities of the modern dentistry. Beside the guiding principle of function, red and white aesthetic under control, he cares for his patients knowing that the human is a unit where biology ( biological dentistry ) and nutrition ( orthomolecular medicine ) play more and more an important role.

As a dentist with passion and one of the most prestigious aesthetic dentistry personalities, he is located in 3 different dental offices in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. Working with top dental technicians in the world like Willi Geller & digital tech Miladinov Milos, the natural results are more than amazing and patients have confident smiles they desire.

One of the pioneers of full digital workflows, Steffen implemented digital impressions, face scan and full digital ways to create natural smiles in his offices. Now patients can see how their smile would look like even before starting the treatment. For more informations please contact us.


We are a team of dedicated professionals.

Dr. Steffen Ulbrich

Dr. Steffen Ulbrich

Aesthetic & functional dentistry

Dr. Steffen Ulbrich
Aesthetic and functional dentistry as main aptitudes, he is focused on continuos learning and updating so he can provide latest treatments methods in his practice.

Willi Geller

Willi Geller

Oral Design

One of world top dental technicians, founder of Oral Design and owner of Creation brand specialized in high dental aesthetics and custom smiles.

Miladinov Milos

Miladinov Milos

Digital Smile Designer

Well known dental technician and dental photographer, the initiator of FDW full digital workflow and virtual patients technique for more predictable and natural smile makeovers.



” For many years I had health problems, including sleep disorders, headache and neck pain – various therapies from doctors but no pain relief. I’ve found Dr.Ulbrich on recommendation, he was able to help me with functional diagnostics, splint therapy and veneers. His therapy gave me back my health and my smile.”

Markus Laboratory assistent

” Dr. Ulbrich is my dentist for more than 15 years and I appreciate his dental care for me very much. The implants he placed show long term stability.  Last year I decided to do a full mouth rehabilitation of my teeth to have a nice smile again, by the way I feel now much younger than before.”


” After restoring a painful injury that my old dentist said could not be fixed , I regularly visit Dr.Ulbrich, even if I have to take a flight from Tel Aviv for it ”


” Since a long time Dr.Ulbrich is the dentist of my trust. Twice per year I come for a check up to maintain my gum and teeth in healthy conditions. Doesn’t matter how far I have to drive to the office , his passion for dentistry and innovations but above all his care is the reason why he is my first choice.”

TheodoraHealth expert



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